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UW Students Will Lead the Way, Thanks to You!

Your support will help students lead the way! Student leaders are at the heart of the Wisconsin Union. Since 1907, the Union has served as a learning lab, providing thousands of opportunities to lead programs and hold free events for students. Student leaders invest countless hours to make it happen, but it’s your support of student-leadership stipends that makes it possible.

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Thanks To Our Recent Donors!

Student Leadership Endowment Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide annual, flexible financial awards to Wisconsin Union Directorate officers, directors, and six Hoofers club presidents, in recognition of their dedicated hours of work serving as student leaders of the Wisconsin Union. Students officers receive the equivalent of 80 percent of in-state tuition and directors and club presidents receive the equivalent of 60 percent of in-state tuition.

Your Gift Has Impact

Your support helps the Union recruit and retain the best of the best students at UW–Madison. Student officers and directors receive a stipend to help with tuition, room and board, or books. Many still hold part-time jobs, and some of them could not participate without this support.

Your Gift Makes a Direct Impact on Students

Farhat Bhuiyan, current Wisconsin Union vice president of internal relations, knows personally the impact of your gift. “If the Union didn’t provide this stipend, I don’t believe I would have applied for my current position. While the experience is invaluable, I couldn’t afford to spend so much time and energy at the Union when instead I could be working more hours at my other job or taking more classes to graduate faster. If we want to encourage students (especially from underrepresented backgrounds) to take on these roles, the stipend is critical.”