How Gifts Make a Difference

Your support helps us with two vital initiatives: sharing what we learn about Wisconsin’s waters with the public, and providing transformative research opportunities to undergraduate students through our fellowship programs. Any gifts raised today will help us to provide UW–Madison students with invaluable experience in the field and the lab. Gifts will also be used to support public outreach events, like our annual open houses, monthly Science on Tap, science cafés, and K–12 education on Wisconsin lakes. We appreciate all the help we can get as we work on these important initiatives.

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Why We Need Your Support

The Center for Limnology’s two research stations produce world-class science on waters across Wisconsin, teach the world’s largest undergraduate limnology course, and provide hands-on research opportunities for dozens of students each year. Our alumni go on to become leading scientists and educators in the fields of limnology, aquatic ecology, and ecosystem science. While large grants fund most of our science, the bulk of our student training and public outreach would not be possible without support from alumni and friends. We need your support to continue a tradition of excellence in the freshwater sciences — a tradition that started right here at UW–Madison in 1875.

Our Goal

Support for Students: We currently provide UW undergraduates with a world-class education and hands-on experience both in the field and in the lab. Support will allow us to expand these opportunities and reach even more students.

Support for Outreach: Gifts to the Center are also used to support our public outreach events, such as our annual open houses, “Science on Tap” science café series, K-12 education on Wisconsin lakes, and other popular activities.

Why are donations necessary?

Two initiatives that are vital to our mission are outreach aimed at bringing the science of limnology to the public and our undergraduate fellowship programs that provide transformative research opportunities for UW–Madison undergraduates. These two key programs wouldn’t be possible without gift support from alumni and friends.