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Geoscientists use the record of Earth’s past stored in its rocks, sediments, and ice to understand its present and future, a mission that is now critical given the still incompletely understood future effects of climate change. Each day, the classrooms and labs in our small, but highly ranked, department are filled with students who are becoming our next generation of geoscientists and scientifically literate citizens. Donations to our newly-named Terra Fund will help pay for field, laboratory, and conference-related student expenses that are critical to our research and educational mission.

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Formed in 1878, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Geoscience has educated generations of undergraduate and graduate students and remains a highly ranked leader in research and education 140 years after its founding. The geoscientific research done by our widely recognized, award-winning faculty spans all 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history and includes a diverse set of topics, such as the chemistry of the ancient oceans and origins of life, geohazards such as earthquakes and volcanos, climate change, and water and energy resources.

How are my donations used?

Our ambitious goal is to reach $40,000 in Day of the Badger gifts to the Terra Fund, our newly named, foundational flexible fund. All donations, small and large, are important!

Why are donations necessary?

Research and educational excellence require investments. Each year, we spend $500,000 of alumni gift funds for student scholarships, field camps, field trips, research, and new equipment. Our alumni are critical for sustaining these activities, which are central to every successful geoscience department.