How Gifts Make a Difference

Jay Calhoun Nania, ’84, MS’87, devoted much of his life to the support of his alma mater and the Department of Geoscience, whose faculty and students he benefited from and supported with his work at British Petroleum, his service on the Geoscience Board of Visitors, and his love for UW–Madison. In honor of Jay’s deep commitment to the graduate student experience, the Nania Fund annually supports a graduate student with a one-semester research assistantship and may also support student summer field work, travel to other institutions for collaboration, and/or lab analyses.


Why We Need Your Support

Our ambitious Day of the Badger goal is to raise at least $50,000 to reach our full-funding target for the Jay C. Nania Endowed Graduate Support Fund. The Department of Geoscience spends $500,000 annually of alumni gift funds for student scholarships, field camps, field trips, research, and new equipment. Our alumni are critical for sustaining these activities, which are central to our success. The first $22,000 in donations this year will be doubled thanks to generous matching funds from people who were close to Jay Nania. Every donation, small and large, not only moves us toward our goal, but improves the chances that GeoBadgers will retain last year’s honor as the top participating department in Day of the Badger.