How Gifts Make a Difference

Besides much-needed funding for our upcoming 50th anniversary celebration — which is open to all — there are numerous ways in which additional support would help our department and communities. Donations would be used to support graduate-student teaching assistants, most of whom come from underrepresented groups and families with limited resources. In addition, we need funding to provide cultural and community-oriented programs beyond academic course offerings, something that is extremely important to our faculty, students, and community members. As a program that started as an outgrowth of the student concern for relevance in higher education, the work we do is essential for our college and community.

Days Left

Why We Need Your Support

The Department of Afro-American Studies is seeking support for its 50th anniversary commemoration in 2020–21! Since its start in 1970, the department has grown to be one of the most successful programs in the country. The department offers a wide variety of courses leading to both undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates, and it bridges into the PhD programs for the English and history departments. We believe that the deepest understanding of the complex reality of race in America requires a truly interdisciplinary approach that draws on history and literature, social sciences, and the arts. We are committed to bringing academic research to the broadest possible audience and to do so, we need your support.

Our goal

Gifts to the Afro-American Studies department are especially needed for:
1) Cultural and community-oriented programs; and
2) Graduate student teaching assistants’ support.

Why are donations necessary?

We have very limited support for graduate students, most of whom come from underrepresented groups and families with limited resources. We have virtually no funding to provide programs beyond academic course offerings; faculty, students and community members have indicated a greater need to support cultural programs that would be open to all.